Since Last We Spoke, 11-12-18

Today is a mellow day here at FHO headquarters, as we observe Veterans Day in the US, and I spend it with my very favorite veteran. We are making blueberry ricotta pancakes, just FYI. Thank you, veterans, for your service and dedication. I am lucky to work with and know so many of you. “In valor, there is hope” (Tacitus).

California folks, I hope you all are safe and doing whatever it takes to keep yourselves that way. If you want to help, here are a couple of good articles that recommend specific actions: New York Times; Refinery 29 Please let us know if there is anything FHO readers can do to assist you.

This week is my last reprieve before I’m back on the road every week through the end of the year, and Sasha’s calendar doesn’t look much better. So we’ll be prepping for a lot of travel, including two international trips. But with the long weekend, I’ve had some time to peruse the interwebs. Here are a few things that have caught my eye since last we spoke:

How did Larry Nasser deceive so many for so long?

MedTwitter is rightfully in an uproar over NRA’s ridiculous claim that gun violence isn’t in our lane. One byproduct of the nonsense is the new account @ThisIsOurLane

SNL tackles hip-hop/rap and consent (the video is great, but probably NSFW, the article has the video embedded if you want to watch)

“It is a peculiarly American affliction that this epidemic of gun violence doesn’t move us to take any real steps toward curbing gun violence and access to guns.” Roxane Gay, brilliant as always.

Yes, childhood trauma is a public health issue

Excellent list if you’re looking for something to read

Finally, this is some truth telling right here.


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