Since Last We Spoke, 11-19-18

It’ll be an abbreviated week here at FHO with the Thanksgiving holiday and all. Honestly, I spent most of the weekend trying to compensate for the days off, and it didn’t hurt that the wife was off with the Army for an extended weekend. That also left me some time to catch up on the interwebs. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Could helping someone who is suicidal be as simple as this?

The health impacts of generational trauma


Domestic violence tragedy in the neighborhood where I grew up; this one literally hits close to home on multiple levels

Understanding how the wildfires in California happened

…And how healthcare is happening in the wake of them

Patriarchy is a trap men keep falling for

The impact of the changes to Title IX

I found myself holding my breath reading this story about working in federal prison while female

In this country, we blame pregnant women for their own deaths

Terry Gross teaches us how to talk to people


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