Medical-Forensic Evaluation of Asylum Seekers: Clinical Interview & Considerations for Vulnerable Populations

IAFN’s 5-part series for members only on medical-forensic evaluation of asylum seekers continues next month with the 2nd session, Clinical Interview and Considerations for Vulnerable Populations. It will be held December 11th at 1pm ET. Registration is limited to 200, so don’t procrastinate (it will be archived, however, so if you miss it, you can still listen to it afterward).

The remaining topics in the series will be covered in 2019:

  • Medical Forensic Exam & Utilizing the Istanbul Protocol
  • Specific Forms of Torture & Corresponding Clinical Findings
  • Writing a Medical-Legal Affidavit & Providing Oral Testimony

I’ll keep saying it–this is such a great topic for a webinar series. If I was not going to be on a plane at this exact time I would already be registered….


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