Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2018

We all were pretty busy in 2018, and even here at our little site, it turns out a bunch of you stopped by. So if you’re curious, scroll through to see who showed up and what you all were reading on FHO. And by all means, come back on Monday, because FHO turns 10(!), and to celebrate, we are doing the biggest giveaway ever. I promise, it’s worth your while (and open to all FHO readers, anywhere around the globe).



Have you checked out the FHO store lately? You can find our newest research brief, Aging Bruises Based On Color, plus our original guide, Injury Following Consensual Sex. Both available now for electronic download.

6 replies on “Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2018”

Love this review, Jenifer! And a big “congratulations” coming to you from Colorado for 10 years! I am thankful for you and your site.

Thank you for your dedication to this work. You are our personal reference guide on the topics and trends in our field. Every time I open your email I am excited to see what will challenge my thinking and help me grow.

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