FHO Is 10! (So We’ve Got a Giveaway to Celebrate!)

Happy birthday to us!

I started FHO 10 years ago as a way to make sure there was a way to bring accessible and affordable continuing education to my fellow forensic colleagues. A lot has changed in the profession and in my own life since those early days, but we’re still here, doing the work that we do. To celebrate a decade on the interwebs, it seems fitting to give a little something away to one lucky FHO reader, so how do you feel about New Orleans in the fall with hundreds of your closest friends? Because I am definitely feeling that.



ALSO: To celebrate 10 years of FHO, please use the coupon code FHOIS10 in the store (good through the end of the month) for 10% off the reviews.

Seriously, though–thanks for being the most excellent readership a woman could ask for. You fill my nerdy heart with joy and wonder on the regular. Here’s to the next 10.

[PLEASE NOTE: this is not a sponsored post. I am giving away an IAFN conference registration because the mission of this site has always focused on clinician education and the annual conference is the epitome of that ideal.]


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64 replies on “FHO Is 10! (So We’ve Got a Giveaway to Celebrate!)”

My professional resolution is to begin to network with the SANEs in southwest Georgia so that we can create a peer review process between our clinics.

I am going to get my BSN at age 58. I am in middle management and as an leadership example I am going back to school.
I also would like to take advantage of more more speaking opportunities. I am the Clinical Coordinator for the HIV/AIDS clinic that serves seven counties in Eastern Alabama. I tie SANE, HIV/AIDS and STDs together in my presentations.

My professional resolution for 2019 is to peer review and debrief with every member of my nursing Team for every time they are called to testify.
I have attended with one nurse and have two more coming up in January and February.

My resolution is to design/create an effective forensic nursing service in a family justice center setting, with a vision for future growth, in terms of sustainability and quality of services

My 2019 professional resolution is to get involved with a research initiative. I spent 2018 paving the way and making connections and this year I want to DO IT!

In December 2018 I graduated with my BSN and I enjoyed the learning experience. In 2019, I am exploring MSN programs as I would like to continue on this journey of professional and personal growth.

My professional resolution for 2019 is to continue grow and expand our Forensic Nursing Program in Indianapolis. I also look forward to completing my MSN in 2019.

My professional resolution is to work hard with my amazing team to expand access to medical-forensic care in rural communities for all SA patients, and to invest our time in expanding care for pediatric SA patients across our state.

I have 2 resolutions. My first, is to expand access to sexual assault forensic examiners by exploring telenursing opportunities. My second is to begin a doctoral program in forensic nursing. Happy New Year, everyone. May it be a prosperous new year.

Congrats Jen! Your efforts have helped me tremendously through the years. For 2019 I want to do more trainings to promote Forensic Nursing.
Continue to work with victims ofSexual Assault all ages. I want to be the best I can for everyone needing services.

Congrats on 10 years Jen and thank you so much for what you do. I can’t say how many times a week I use your site.
My resolution for 2019 is to revamp our training to make it very hands on and didactic but also to somehow incorporate the community and survivors to help inform our program & work.

My professional resolution for 2019 is to put more time and energy into continuing competence. I want to learn more about forensic nursing and then share that knowledge with my peers !

For the last four years, I have been working as both a forensic nurse and in a med/surg floor. My resolution is to find a way to bring my professional arenas into closer alignment.

My goal for 2019 is to expand my facilty’s forensic nursing program and become the first FNE program in the state of SD. I also want to become the first SANE-P in the state.

I have been a forensic nurse since 2002 and so far, it’s been an amazing ride! For 2019 my profesional resolutions are really very simple. I will strive to:
Honour those that lead us ( and thank God everyday for being a Canadian)
Be greatfull for all those that feed us,
But most importantly, appreciate and treasure more all those that love and need us.
Mary Lohre

My 2019 resolution is to help our unit expand its services and mentor other programs around the state as they continue to provide care for our rural communities.

I have been a Forensic Nurse and Coordinator of our program for 20 years! I always get asked by people what is the hardest thing about this job. Most assume it is the victim stories and cases we see. They are surprised when I say it is the attitudes people STILL have about rape and rape victims that is the most difficult to deal with. My goal for 2019 is to continue to work hard in our area to educate students, parents, law enforcement and the general public about rape and rape victims to try to change this victim blaming attitude that people.

My resolution is to finally get my DNP in Educational Leadership finished so I can teach online! I am 63 & want to still work in nursing education, but want to do it from home so I can spend more time with my 2 spoiled doxies & get to attend more events with my 6 grandkids.
Happy New Year to you! I enjoy all your great information

Ten years, exciting!! My professional resolution for 2019 is to start laying a foundation to expand forensic nursing in Oregon beyond adult/adolescent sexual assault, which is where most of our practice currently lies. Pediatrics, intimate partner violence, trafficking, non-sexual abuse, and death investigation are all areas I would like to see become more accessible to our nurses. Definitely a multi-year goal….but it starts this year!

I’ve been a forensic nurse for a little than a year and have really enjoyed it so far and learned so much. My 2019 resolution is to obtain my SANE-A and SANE-P and attend a conference for educational opportunities!

Happy 10 years! My 2019 professional goals are to open my hospital’s Forensics Suite we have been working on for a few years now (we currently see patients in the Emergency Room), complete my MSN in forensic nursing degree, find an online DNP program that will accept my previous MSN credits, and renew my SANE-A certification. Ready for 2019!

My 2019 professional resolution is expand my legal consulting knowledge/practice into something I can do more remotely as a mil-spouse.

I hope to expand our new hospital based domestic violence task force that educates HCP on the importance of correctly screening patients. Also with being the largest program in the state, I hope to become knowledgeable about telemedicine and reaching rural areas that lack SANE nurses. Thank you for ALL of your knowledge you share!

I would like to obtain my SANE A
Expand on my Legal Nurse Consulting Adventure. Make sure I am remembering to nurture my soul more.

Congratulations on 10 years of helping those in this field.
My professional resolution for 2019 is to continue working on my MSN, and to educate my patients on the community resources available to them to improve both their health and their safety.

My 2019 professional resolution is to gain more education on expert witness testimony. Congrats on 10 years; this resource has been invaluable!

My personal resolution is to continue to bring more awareness and education to health care providers to enhance prevention, identification and responding to human trafficking. This year specifically I would like to bring together a national network of health care providers where we can begin to look at how we can work collectively within Canada to increase our impact to those entrenched and vulnerable.

My 2019 professional goal is to work less at my other job so that I can dedicate more hours towards forensics. I JUST became a Forensic Nurse Examiner and am so excited about the work that this team does! 🙂

My professional resolution is to prioritize and be deliberate towards the work I commit to. I work a four different roles including being a SANE-A and find I spin my wheels often just trying to stay afloat. This year I’d like to use my time in a way that allows for me to make a more rich contribution with the work I do for each role. Part of this will come with creating boundaries in what I say yes and no to as well as ensuring I maintain my vision on what is most important.

My professional goal is to educate more people. Beginning with my staff, and reaching out to partners in my community, as well as the community at large.

My professional goal for 2019 is to push for and assist in the creation of a strangulation protocol that can be used within our emergency departments. I also aspire to find a wee bit of wellness time for me-maybe explore some restorative yoga…I say this every year but 2019 is the year 🙂

My professional resolution is to live, breathe, sleep and eat Forensic Nurse Examiner training as I am just brand new.

My professional resolution for 2019 is to become more involved with my communities out reach programs and to develop work relationships with the SANES throughout the state of Ga, that way I can have a larger network for peer review and professional opinions.

HBD FHO! Congrats on 10 years! My resolution is to be more intentional about how I spend my time on the various professional projects I’m involved in. Less
Multitasking and more intentional focus!

This is WONDERFUL! Thank you. My resolution for 2019 is simply…more self-care! And every other resolution noted above and below. ;]

As a brand spanking new FNE, it is my professional resolution to become independent in providing care for our clients and to find my own way of navigating these relationships in a positive way.

I have learned so much in the world of forensic nursing, and I am eager and ready to learn so much more in 2019. I love learning opportunities, and the option to attend seminars and conferences to strengthen my knowledge of forensic nursing. The world of nursing is forever changing, especially the world of forensic nursing. My professional aspiration for 2019 is to obtain my SANE-A and SANE-P and attend every educational opportunity possible!

My 2019 resolutions are to continue working on my MSN, become more of an active participant in our research project and improve my knowlrcxby

My 2019 goal is to begin my Masters of Nursing in may 2019. My focus will be teaching and my passion is to discuss and research the effects of Sexual Health education on the uptake of Forensic Nurse Services… but we will see when I get there!

My 2019 is just to improve my skills and knowledge in the forensic nursing arena to provide the survivors I care for with the best teatment and resources as possible.

I work at a CAC as a CRNP, SANE-P with a wonderful RN, MSN in Forensics. We jokingly call her the V-Genie and me the V-Genius. My goal for 2019 is to get these “titles” made into little plaques for our desks.

I am resolved to get our IAFN Chapter back up to speed and draw divergent clinical sites to communicate and share practice ideas.

My resolution for 2019 is too expand the services of our CAC to the college aged students who experience sexual assaults. They do not belong in an emergency room. We can build a MDT and offer our services!!!

My 2019 resolution is to continue to contribute to the improvement of our SANE Program through continuing education, mentoring our new recently trained SANEs and to continue to find ways to improve the care we give to our patients. Happy New Year!!! Thanks for providing such a valuable resource with FHO!

My 2019 resolution is to GROW our rural program! we have had a 300% increase since 2014 and I have finally convinced Senior Leadership to apply for the VOCA grant and we were awarded almost $1 million throughout our Centura network (10 facilities). My hours have increased and we have an education budget! So my goal is to continue to collaborate within our community and Four Corners Region, fine tune policies, educate community partners, send my SANEs to National trainings, and offer 24/7 call in our facility. 2019 will be a year to remember!

My resolution for 2019 is to be the best I can be: this includes more self care, continuing to learn as much as possible about Forensic nursing, and to continue to advocate with leadership to consider a FNE team lead position in my community so we can increase education and decrease stigma.

Happy tenth!
My 2019 resolution; expanding forensic services for children 12 and under in our health authority.

For a better 2019: seek opportunities outside my comfort zone…that is where the true adventure starts!

Congrats on the big 10!

My 2019 resolution is to continue making a difference in this type of work that I am so passionate about and to continue to educate and be educated!

My professional resolution for 2019 is to start a SART program in our remote community Alaska! Currently, victims must be transported 90 miles away by boat or plane to the closest community with active SART program. I’m currently working with the local police to develop an MOU and working with our local tribal organization to work on P&P to be able to provide the service here in Haines. Congrates on 10 years of service! I LOVE this site! and I appreciate the service you provide!

My 2019 resolution is to become a member of CFNA of Canada (just completed), and attend my first IAFN conference. I am a new forensic nurse examiner. I want to soak up all the learning I can get from all the seasoned professionals around me. Thank-you for this opportunity to make this dream possibly happen!

My 2019 professional activity plan/resolution is to become more involved in Ohio IAFN Chapter activities. Also, in an effort to bring nursing “to the table”, I will become more active locally in community organizations and projects that support our victim services.

My 2019 professional resolution is to continue building my knowledge base and become the best forensic nurse that I can!

I am a new Forensic Nurse Examiner. My resolutions for 2019 are to continue to build my skills and competency in forensic nursing by gleaning as much knowledge I can from my experienced colleagues while continuing to address my gaps in knowledge through ongoing education.

My resolution is to get as many of my wonderful FNE’s to conference this year as possible. We struggle daily, to cover our call schedule, to get equipment, to keep up to date, to balance our work and our life. I believe the IAFN conference is truly the place to connect with your colleagues and realize you are not alone.

My professional resolution is to be more organized with my time management so I can juggle education, on call, etc. more efficiently and effectively.

My resolution is to continue and expand Forensic educational opportunities
to nurses in Rural East Texas as well as taking time to enjoy all my beautiful Grandchildren.

M professional resolution is to obtain my SANE-A certification and grow into my position as a SANE program coordinator.

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