Since Last We Spoke, 1-21-19

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The windchill in the DC area is -3, but it’s better than the ground temp of -14 in E Lansing where I’m headed later today. I finally made it home after 15 days on the road, so it was a glorious weekend here. We did nothing but cook, watch old episodes of British Bakeoff and keep the fireplace going around the clock–heaven. However, that’s done, and now I will be gone the remainder of the month. Particularly with the shutdown appearing to have no end in sight, I am not complaining. If ever there was a time to be (extra) grateful for work it is when your spouse is not getting paid to go to the job that she shows up at daily.

Here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

I didn’t go to the women’s march this year since I had just gotten back to town, but this was an excellent take on why we shouldn’t give up on it

A powerful look at mental illness: Yale will not save you

If you didn’t see this UCLA gymnast’s floor routine a few weeks back, it’s a must watch. You can check it out and her inspiring plans post-graduation here.

Kill or be killed shouldn’t be the only option for battered women

Also: how the shutdown is impacting domestic violence shelters

No surprise sex ed fails teens regularly, but particularly around the issue of sexting

An aspirational online list for 2019

The gay penguins of Australia–this is delightful

Finally: I’ve been lucky enough to see Kamala Harris in action during Judiciary Committee hearings, so I am very interested to watch her campaign unfold. As with all the candidates, there are some things about her that concern me, but she is one of a few Dems that has a clear track record on issues important to me as both a woman and as a forensic clinician.


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