Since Last We Spoke, 4-1-19

Well, I was supposed to be working on the west coast this week, and suddenly–I am not. That’s just how this goes, and that’s okay, because I have *projects*, so this week at home is a gift. I head to CLE on Friday to see the fam, and rejoice in the fact that the girlchild has committed to the University of Virginia, so we will be rocking the orange and blue around here for at least the next four years (we are insanely proud of this kid).

It was a pretty glorious weekend all the way around as we took advantage of gorgeous weather and peak cherry blossoms to spend some time in our city and be among (all) the people. Sash headed up to Brooklyn yesterday for work, though, so I had a bit of time to surf. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Oh my, lets be better than this

Actually–here’s a pretty good example

What’s happening at Pine Ridge isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves, which is disheartening

This is old, but still relevant: the art of asking

April, of course, is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: find all your resources here

I have to agree with Rebecca Traiser here: Joe Biden isn’t the answer

Have I been doing this work too long? Because…


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If you’ve been doing this too long, so have I. Seconds in almost had to stop watching.I don’t think I will ever be able to make that recipe even if I wanted to. Oh the places our brains go…

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