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Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series

Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta has a webinar series on child sex trafficking available for professionals looking for more education on the topic. The fundamentals webinar will be held April 9th at 1pm ET. It looks like they archive, so if you can’t attend live, you should be able to listen in at your convenience. Although they will be talking state-specific info (Georgia), it also appears federal research and legislation will also be covered. And there are CEUs, so [jazz hands].

If you don’t need the fundamentals, or are just interested in what else the series is offering:

Talking to Children About Child Sex Abuse Prevention (4/16)

Human Trafficking Around the World: A Global View of Labor and Sex Trafficking (4/18)

Hidden Victim of Trafficking: Male and LGBT Victims (4/25)

Medical Feature: Pediatric Strangulation Cases (5/7)

Technology and CSEC (5/14)

Supply and Demand: The Role of Traffickers, Buyers and Gangs in CSEC (5/23)

The Medical Evaluation of Victims of Child Sex Trafficking (6/11)

Moving Forward After Victimization: Helping Victims Survive and Thrive (6/20)


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