Sexual Assault

Identifying and Protecting Campus Survivors’ Privacy Rights: Schools, SANEs, and Student Survivors

Victim Rights Law Center has a webinar coming up on one of my favorite topics–patient privacy. That will be the focus of the session, Identifying and Protecting Survivors’ Privacy Rights: Schools, SANEs and Student Survivors, which will be held May 16th at 1pm ET. It’s a topic that’s pretty relevant to my work right now, and I know I’m not the only one. The always excellent Kim Day and Jesse Mindlin will be presenting, so try and attend if you can. I imagine it’ll be archived, but I don’t have fidelity on that yet. From the registration page:

During this webinar, Jessica Mindlin and Kim Day will discuss unique privacy issues campus sexual assault survivors face. Objectives include: outlining care-related privacy issues a survivor may confront post-assault; describing SANE privacy obligation when providing care to student survivors; and identifying and anticipating medical forensic exam-related privacy considerations for student survivors and the sexual assault examiner who provides their assault-related care.

You can register here.


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