Since Last We Spoke, 4-22-19

For those of you celebrating, I hope your Pesach/Easter was filled with peace and love (and good food). We had a house full, and the aftermath took a full day from which to recover, but it’s still one of my favorite holidays of the year. Especially because this year the guests ranged from 10 months old to 90. I was heartbroken to wake up Sunday to the news in Sri Lanka; one of the couples around our Seder table had recently been there, which is really neither here, nor there, but just one of those small details that make me cherish the here and now in all its small and messy glory. With the cooking and the girlchild being in town and all of the cleanup after, there really wasn’t much time for surfing, but here are a couple things that caught my eye since last we spoke:

Getting home from MSU Friday was an ordeal that included multiple modes of transportation, a canceled flight, and a lucky spot on the standby list. On the 2-hour bus ride (!) that unexpectedly became part of my journey, I finished the new Beyonce documentary. Here’s your reading list once you’ve watched it (and you really should watch it).

Stop treating nonprofits like businesses

A look at Queens’ Human Trafficking Intervention court

Your weekly dose of rage-inducement

…And maybe the story you need this week

Forced sterilization is not just a historical artifact

As someone who believes in getting paid for their labor, this article really spoke to me. I do not work for exposure. That’s not to say I don’t donate my time to causes I deem to be important to me, but there is a calculus behind that decision, and it’s one I make. If you ask me to speak, you must pay me.


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