DV/IPV Sexual Assault Testimony

Peer Reviewers Needed

Looking for a few folks who are interested in being peer reviewers for the next research compilation on strangulation. This compilation is much lengthier (it’s clocking in at about 25 pages, so it’s monograph-length), so you have been warned.

If you would like to be considered, and you have the time to do a thorough review in the next two weeks, please email me ( since you cannot attach a CV to the Contact email on the site) along with a copy of your CV. This is meant to assist clinicians with being better prepared to go to court, so I need folks who have some experience in—well, preparing to go to court. I’m less concerned about formal educational credentials, but you do need to be comfortable reading research. You do not have to be a nurse. I am equally interested in the opinions of physicians, attorneys, and other professionals who read this site who have served as expert witnesses in the past. In fact, I always have one non-nurse reviewer.

All reviewers will receive a copy of the final research compilation once it’s published, along with the other two research compilations in the store (if you don’t have them, or you want to give them to someone else, your choice).


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