Coming soon: Strangulation Research Compilation

One week from today I will release the 3rd FHO research compilation: Applying the Strangulation Research to Expert Testimony in Cases with Adult Victims. It’s the biggest one to date, but it’s also the most needed. So I am spending the week traveling (hello, MSU), editing, and enjoying the girl-child’s high school graduation (hello, CLE). I’m also taking the week off the site. I will see everyone back here next Tuesday for the launch of the new compilation. Until then, friends…


Have you checked out the FHO store lately? You can find our newest research brief, Aging Bruises Based On Color, plus our original guide, Injury Following Consensual Sex. Both available now for electronic download. Plus, coming soon: the newest research compilation, Applying The Strangulation Research To Expert Testimony In Cases With Adult Victims.