Applying the Strangulation Research to Expert Testimony: Table of Contents

I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed at the response to the new research compilation, Applying the Strangulation Research to Expert Testimony. The response has been–unexpected. But a very smart attorney to whom I am married casually mentioned it would be nice for people to see a preview of what they would be getting for their money, and it occurred to me the Table of Contents is the easiest way to provide that. So it is now part of the product description on the store page (I also added preview pages for the other two compilations), but I am providing it here for those of you who might be interested:

Thanks for all of the kind comments and messages. You are really the very best readers.


Have you checked out the FHO store lately? You can find the newest research brief, Applying The Strangulation Research To Expert Testimony In Cases With Adult Victims. Or purchase the complete set of three (Strangulation, Aging Bruises, and Consensual Sex Injury) for a special price.

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Thank you for all the hours of hard work you did to make this happen. It’s really helpful to have access to trustworthy information to assist forensic examiners in doing our job in the clinical or courtroom setting.

I appreciate that, Anita. Miss seeing you around–hope our paths cross again soon…

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