Since Last We Spoke, 7-15-19

We had a fantastic class at the NAC last week. A diverse and talented group of clinicians and prosecutors spent several days with us, and I am pretty sure the faculty left just as energized as the students. It continues to be one of my very favorite courses to teach and this year did not disappoint. Honestly, we could run that course quarterly and still have a waitlist, so please, if you are interested in attending, but haven’t been able to, keep applying. Just know that we probably won’t accept multiple people from one program, and we will definitely prioritize people who apply with a prosecutor from their jurisdiction. FYI, if you’re going to the IAFN conference in New Orleans, I will be doing 3 sessions related to testimony: 2 with Leslie Hagan (repeats from last year, but extended to 3 hours–one on language, one on ethics), and a brand new one (90 minutes) with Sasha on cross-examination. My sessions are almost always full, so please register if you’re interested. Last year they actually turned folks away, so…

I’m home this week before I hit the road for what basically begins the Fall travel marathon (which, yes, begins in July). I had some quiet time to myself over the weekend, since Sasha took the pup camping (hard pass), so I had a bit of time to read–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

How useful IS that doctorate (I always appreciate a good discussion on degree-seeking, because I am not a fan of racking up degrees for the sake of, well, racking up degrees)

An epidemic of disbelief

Antibiotic resistance continues its problematic and persistent march on

Excuse me, may I raise your child?

This bill includes critical safety protections

Sex abuse wasn’t just a Nassar problem in American gymnastics

This seems accurate

Come on, men–be better. Also, how hard is it to cite?

A feel-good long read about seahorses, because, Monday

I don’t know–this seems…timely.


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