Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in Victim Services

There aren’t too many topics out there that we haven’t covered here at FHO, but this is one of them. OVC TTAC is hosting an Expert Q&A next month, Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in Victim Services. The session will be held August 21st from 2-3:15pm, and will also be recorded for later viewing. From the announcement:

During this session, practical information will be provided to direct service providers and other programs open to the public about service and support animals. Learn the differences between service animals, crisis response canines, emotional support animals, therapy animals, and pets. Find out the laws in the United States that apply to these animals, including the Fair Housing Act, and learn about New Mexico’s “Model Guidelines for Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals in Domestic Violence Programs and Shelters,” which provides policy suggestions and other tips for working with clients who have emotional support animals and how to respectfully respond when someone tries to bring in a dog or animal that isn’t appropriate for public access.

Register here.


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