Since Last We Spoke, 7-29-19

Greetings to you all on this busy Monday morning. Back in the office for the week, and then it’s off to Newport, RI next weekend to teach one of my favorite courses of the year for the Navy and Marine Corps. Not every place I travel is particularly delightful, but this one is not a hardship, particularly in August. Plus, I am lucky enough to be teaching with my crew, so, you know…

A very happiest of birthdays to the girlchild who turned 18 this past week. Hard to believe we are less than a month away from launching this kid into college, and honestly, it’s a super exciting time around here. Especially with her being pretty close to home (2 hours by train, not that we have mapped it out).

It was relatively low key around here this weekend, with both Sasha and I having been on the road on opposite sides of the country last week. We managed to play tourist in our own city a bit yesterday, which was lovely. And there was still time to surf–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

This is such a great, uplifting story: car mechanic to MD at 47

These reports will never stop coming

A powerful OpEd by 148 patriots


AAP’s new statement on the health impact of racism

Sex and strangulation

There is an epidemic of suicides among seniors

She was assaulted by a State Senator–now she’s running for Congress

This 1st person essay about abortion is really timely

Start your week off right with the incredibly joyful Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert (NSFW if your workplace has issues with language 🙂 )


Have you checked out the FHO store lately? You can find the newest research brief, Applying The Strangulation Research To Expert Testimony In Cases With Adult Victims. Or purchase the complete set of three (Strangulation, Aging Bruises, and Consensual Sex Injury) for a special price.

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The Sex and strangulation article is interesting as it lays out the somewhat insidious ways strangulation has been normalized. I wonder if there is a (more sex-positive) way to talk about this subject that doesn’t stigmatize kink or all porn without letting abusers and murderers off the hook. It would be interesting to see research on this topic in the queer community as well.


I agree. I posted it because consent and strangulation is a topic that often comes up in my professional world, but kink-shaming and porn-blaming were both labels frequently assigned to this article in my twitter feed. If you search twitter with the headline you’ll see the response is pretty divided evenly, which I found fascinating. Thanks for commenting–and taking the time to read the post 🙂


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