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It Really is “Normal to be Normal” in Child Sexual Abuse

SAFEta has a webinar coming up on a popular topic, It Really is “Normal to be Normal” in Child Sexual Abuse. Dr. Karen Farst will be the speaker. The session will be held September 26th at 2pm ET. Like all their webinars, it will be archived. From the registration page:

The majority of children who have been sexually abused do not have residual findings of physical injury on the medical examination. Case based scenarios will be used to discuss how the anatomy of pre and post pubertal children and the dynamics of child sexual abuse (including disclosure dynamics) play into this fact. Key literature references will be provided and summarized for use in court preparation on “normal” cases.

Register here.


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I wanted to let everyone know that the webinar by Dr. Karen Farst is excellent – even if you have a lot of experience and have been doing this awhile it is still a valuable educational offering. Thanks!

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