Since Last We Spoke, 8-12-19

I’m up at Michigan State University for a good part of this week, and happily, I am spending much of it writing with my dear friend Kim Day. This should result in some innovative and creative work since Kim is one of my favorite writing partners. It should also mean some long days, but I’ll try and get posts up regularly. In prepping for my time on-site at MSU, I spent most of the weekend working. But Sasha was at Ft. Bragg, so I was left with lots of time surfing the interwebs. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

I followed her accounts on Twitter and was treated to such a valuable education about the dying process. Truly nursing in action.

Why mental illness is not responsible for the epidemic of mass shootings

Related. Thank you, AMA.

HOWEVER, in a surprise to none of us in this work, the connection between misogyny and mass shooting

“The vulnerability and targeting of our Native women is undeniable, and we must begin looking for new ways to urgently address this plague of violence and disregard…” This is a must read.

Available now (in some places), gender non-binary IDs

Amnesty International has now issued a travel advisory for the US because of gun violence

Toni Morrison’s life and work has been memorialized in some stunning ways in the past week; find some of my favorites here, here and here.

A Utah nurse is facing negligent homicide charges after the death of an inmate from dehydration

This horrific story of an American woman who went to Uganda and administered medical care to children without any training whatsoever is stomach-churning (and also, the arrogance!)

And finally, an excellent video on how to tell someone they sound like a racist (this is truly the most practical advice on the topic):


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