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Collaborative Strategies and Tools to Meet the Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking

Futures Without Violence has a good SART/MDT/CCR* flavored webinar coming up for those of you looking for something for your local teams: Collaborative Strategies to Meet the Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking. The session will take place on August 22nd at 2pm ET; it will also be archived. From the website:

This webinar will highlight collaborative work undertaken by multi-disciplinary teams across the U.S. to support domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking (DV/SA/HT) survivors.  Presenters will share how their partnerships or task forces were initiated; strategies to enhance client services and case coordination; and tools and training opportunities to build or expand collaborative responses for HT survivors across communities and states.  The webinar will share lessons learned from a community-based DV/SA/HT advocacy program, a law enforcement-led program, and a statewide task force operated by the Attorney General’s Office. It will also feature technical assistance and training resources offered by Futures Without Violence.  Time will be included for audience question/answer and discussion.

After the webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Define the unique service needs HT victims that differ from domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Identify community and state-wide strategies to develop new collaborations or expand existing networks to support survivors of HT.
  • Clarify multidisciplinary professional and organizational roles in coordinating services for trafficked survivors.
  • Utilize resources to help build or expand multi-disciplinary teams and task forces to support survivors of HT.

Register here.

*Sexual Assault Response Team/Multidisciplinary Response Team/ Coordinated Community Response because, acronyms 🙂


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