Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data

Here’s something for our death investigator colleagues–an article from Kaiser Health News I found incredibly fascinating: Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data — To Medical Offices, Motels And Even Animal Shelters. Among other interesting nuggets in it is the introduction (to me at least) of the suicide fatality review. Not surprising that systems-level examination of a problem like suicide would be beneficial.

Even if you’re not actively working in the field of death investigation, this piece is pretty thought-provoking. Especially if you’re a data nerd. Read the whole thing here.


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3 replies on “Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data”

Extremely interesting research study! It shows the importance of working with other fields of study and how we can intermingle ideas to improve outcomes. Thanks for sharing.

It is so important that public health become more involved in violence prevention by use of data mapping and forensic epidemiology. Injury from violence is not independent but interdependent with other violence that occurs. There are linking relationships that are long overlooked/ignored because it is costly, inconvenient and/or steps on various professional territories. With proper data mapping, review of news events and public events, poverty/change in economics and even the weather—more accurate violence predictions can be made in certain communities that will assist with concentrating and amplifying awareness, education and care.

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