Since Last We Spoke, 9-30-19

I am at Ft Benning this week in Georgia, and is often the case, my time is not my own, so posting here likely will be light. I know I said we were going to start Journal Club this week, but I think it would be more fruitful to wait until I am back in the office next week to kick things off–that way I can get posts approved quickly and engage in real(ish) time. So all of you wanting to participate, you have one more week to obtain and read the article (get all of the details here, and please contact me if you can’t get a hold of the article since we now have a source for you). The first Journal Club will be held here, October 8th. Look for the first set of questions about the article then.

May I also add: shana tovah to all who are celebrating, however you are observing the holiday this year. May it be a sweet and gentle new year for us all.

And now, here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

This article on images of child abuse was startling, even doing the work that I do

Silencing women is bad for our health

Wow–Was It Worth It?

Making meaning out of a massacre

Sadly, this is not an isolated story

Finding and losing your brother on the streets

Canada’s domestic violence crisis

This was an incredibly compelling series in the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Case Closed

Finally, in case you need to remember our patients are not a crime scene, they are not that one terrible thing that has happened to them:


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