Since Last We Spoke, 10-7-19

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I am happily at home and looking forward to what should be a great week here at FHO headquarters. We will kick off Journal Club tomorrow (and keep it going each Tuesday for 6ish weeks depending on how things go). Plus, tomorrow night is Kol Nidre, my favorite service of the year, leading off Yom Kippur, a day of fasting and reflection for my people. In our household it will be concluded by breaking the fast with friends–please note there will be no post on Wednesday in honor of the holiday.

I tried very hard to do almost no work whatsoever this weekend, and focused on being unplugged for much of it. Still, there were a few things that caught my eye since last we spoke:

Reproductive coercion continues to be a lesser discussed form of intimate partner violence; glad it’s getting some mainstream attention here


What if your abusive husband is a cop?

Facing history for the future of nursing

More voices coming forward

I loved this piece on soulmates


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Jen, loved this piece on the importance of including the historical underpinnings of nursing, in a realistic manner. This statement from there emphasizes the need for us to focus on social justice in the work we are doing: “While it can be readily acknowledged that segregated health systems were abhorrent, it is proving more difficult to convince nurses that these systems and ideas are still in place.” We can never really move forward without looking back and learning from the past. Thanks for sending this. Kim

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