Sexual Assault

Medical-Forensic Exam Payment Webinar Series from IAFN

A very excellent webinar series is coming up, courtesy of IAFN’s new medical-forensic exam billing and payment project. There are three, the first of which will be November 26, 2019 at 12pm ET: When Things Don’t Go Right: Sexual Assault Exam Billing and Payment – It’s TIME for Change! From the website: Come be apart of the solution: 10+ years post VAWA, barriers exist for victims who were guaranteed free exams, including being billed for exams and being pursued by debt collection agencies. 

Following that:

nPEP Costs HOW MUCH for the Sexual Assault Patient? December 3, 2019 at 2:30pm ET (Description: The National SAFE Protocol and the CDC recommend that every sexual assault patient be evaluated for HIV risk. However, nurse examiners are often unaware of the actual cost of HIV nPEP, and options for providing nPEP which can affect patient access to medications that may be lifesaving. At the conclusion of this webinar and with the help of four-panel members from three different states and the District of Columbia, the participants will be able to identify the current recommended guidelines for the administration of HIV nPEP to patients in the acute phase post-sexual assault. They will be able to recognize the estimated cost for HIV nPEP, articulate various HIV nPEP billing and payment coverage options, and describe various gaps in HIV nPEP coverage for sexual assault patients across the nation.)

Billing and Coding 101: Learn the Anatomy of Billing and Coding for Sexual Assault Patients like a Pro. December 19, 2019 at 2pm ET (Description: SANE program managers and hospital billing departments are unprepared to properly code requests for payment to state-designated payers for the sexual assault medical forensic examinations which can result in payment denials and patients potentially receiving bills for service, violating VAWA. With the guidance from Shelley Voci, a coding specialist, at the conclusion of this webinar, the participants will be to articulate the history of ICD-10-CM, as well as identify and describe common ICD-10-CM for sexual assault patients, and interpret an example bill for services rendered status post-sexual assault medical forensic examination.)

CEs will be available for IAFN members. The sessions will be archived, in case you can’t make the live session. Register for all the webinars here.


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