Sexual Assault

Navigating Difficult Situations: Common Issues SARTs Face

I”m out in Flagstaff this week (and then I’m headed to Korea next week), so posting may be somewhat light over the next several weeks. But here’s a webinar coming up at the end of the month for those of you looking to strengthen your MDTs: Navigating Difficult Situations–Common Issues SARTs Face is being offered by the Sexual Violence Justice Institute. It will be held November 25th from 1-2:30pm CT. From the announcement:

Sexual assault response teams are a great strategy to improve access to healing and justice for victims/survivors and increase offender accountability.  And, there are common issues or barriers that teams face as they strengthen the collaborative response. This webinar will focus on common questions that we receive from SARTs across the country. Although many SARTs experience similar issues, each situation and community requires unique strategies. We will explore the questions, offer strategies that have worked for other teams, and hear some new things that have worked in your communities!

Learning Objectives or Outcomes

  • Provide examples of common issues that sexual assault response teams face
  • Discuss strategies for navigating through those issues as a coordinator
  • Normalize these common issues while acknowledging the unique needs of communities
  • Walk away with tips and tools to guide you as work with your team

I didn’t see a registration button on their site, so you may need to contact them directly or keep checking their site.


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