Since Last We Spoke, Forensic Nurses Week 2019

A very happy Forensic Nurses Week to all of us! We are so very fortunate to be able to do this good work. And to all of the FHO readers who are veterans, including my own spouse, a happy Veterans Day, as well. Much gratitude for your service. I think Sasha put it beautifully when she stated in a Facebook post:

 All Veterans appreciate being thanked for this choice we made. But if you really want to thank a Vet, ask them how their healthcare is, how their access to the VA is. How their aches, pains, and scars are being treated. The visible and the invisible alike. And listen to them. Ask if they are being treated and healed or simply medicated. And if the answer makes you as mad, sad, and frustrated as it makes me, call your elected officials and tell them our Veterans deserve better. Still less than half of 1% of the US population serve in the Armed Forces. 100% of them will get out at some point. After fighting in wars, they shouldn’t have to fight for access to healthcare. But we do.

We had a fantastic testimony training last week in Arizona–it was great meeting so many of you. And the icing on the cake was the trip to Korea vanished at the last minute, as these things do, so I now have a mostly unscheduled week at home for writing and whatnot. That’s afforded me some catch-up time to read and generally be curious about what I missed while I’ve been running around. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

What the…?

In honor of Veterans Day, a long read but a good one about survivors guilt and its aftermath


How does the soul survive atrocities?

This was a great article about just how pervasive common myths about rape still are–among the people deciding the fates of those on trial

We already knew this, but it’s nice to see it reported in the mainstream media

More on child abusers use of tech–fascinating and infuriating (and heartbreaking)

Speaking of using tech for evil

Ok, this was just a g*d damn delight


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