Since Last We Spoke, 11-18-19

Happy Monday to you all. I am off to teach in San Diego for the Army, at one of my favorite legal courses of the year. I’ll be there just a few days, but it’ll be hectic enough that posts will be light. That’s okay, because things inevitably get lighter as we approach the holidays, and there are fewer educational offerings and publications for me to post. Plus, here’s a bit of a secret–FHO will be undergoing an overhaul at the end of December, so there will be a brand new site to unveil just in time for our 11th (!) birthday. With the new site will be some significant changes, which I promise I will highlight as we get nearer to launch.

Sasha had reserve duty this weekend, so I was solo for 3 days. While it’s true I binge-watched a good portion of the new season of The Crown last night, I spent most of the time working. But there were still a few things that caught my eye since last we spoke:

There are some compelling reasons to do away with the statute of limitations in my home state of Ohio–this article covers one of them

Minneapolis, you’ve got an untested kit problem

Police in PR are undercounting murdered women

Male bias in women’s health trials

Very interested in watching this case

In the national sustainability project, we saw retention impacted by people feeling unappreciated in their jobs. Here are some straight forward suggestions to make sure your team members aren’t feeling that way.


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