DV/IPV Sexual Assault

VAWA Confidentiality: Empowering Survivors, Protecting Information

Victim Rights Law Center has a webinar coming up on the critical topic of confidentiality, and since my general experience is that people/programs are not as good at this one as we would all hope, I encourage you to check it out (see Exhibit A — the most recent example in what has become a very dense file). VAWA Confidentiality: Empowering Survivors, Protecting Information will be held December 5th at 1pm ET. [I do not know if it will be archived, so please check with the hosts.] From the announcement:

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requires OVW-funded victim service providers to protect survivors’ privacy. This interactive webinar will highlight how VAWA confidentiality requirements compliment survivor empowerment and offer best practices for maintaining survivors’ privacy. By participating in this webinar, victim services providers will be better able to explain how the VAWA privacy requirements relate to survivor-centered care. 

This is obviously a multidisciplinary training, so I encourage you to share with colleagues in your SARTs/MDTs. You can register for the session here.


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