2019 FHO Gift Guide

I try and publish a gift guide because our team members deserve to be celebrated. There’s not a lot that’s celebratory in the work we do, but one thing we learned in the National SANE Sustainability project was that recognition and validation help with the retention of staff. And what better reason to recognize the contribution of your team than the holidays. Even if you have no budget for gifts, my hope is that this gift guide serves as encouragement to do *something*–a potluck dinner, a secret Santa gift exchange, or some handwritten notes letting your colleagues know how much their work is valued. And if you do have money for gifts, well, maybe some of the items here will provide ideas (or solutions).

A safe and happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating this week. See you back here next week.


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  1. November 27, 2019 | 11:33 am

    Hope Miller

    Thanks for the ideas – I was stumped on what to get a few people and this definitely led me in the right direction!

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