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13th Anniversary Articles of Note (Plus a Giveaway)

Articles of Note

Good morning and happy new year! A new year and our 13th anniversary here at FHO– 13 years of nerdiness on our little site. Amazing how many of you have been with us from the beginning. This year in honor of that, and in honor of the fact that we are heading into year 3 of the pandemic, a new giveaway. But first, here’s our monthly overview of what’s new and relevant (at least to me) in the monthly peer-reviewed literature. It’s full this month, my friends, so put aside ample time for this one. Allow me to point out there are a few different articles specific to SANE training. Plus the Journal of Head Trauma and Rehabilitation has a special issue on IPV, so you’ll find multiple articles related to TBI and IPV. As always, links take you to PubMed abstracts. No free ones this month, sadly. If you have challenges getting your hands on something, let me know and I’ll see if I can assist.


So that giveaway–I’m giving away a $100 gift card to for one reader*. is an online bookstore that supports independent booksellers and you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for through their site. Pick up books for work, books for cooking, books for escape–whatever works for you. To be eligible: just leave me a comment in this post about what you’re doing to take care of yourself right now in these challenging times because I am all about the self-care right now. I’ll choose one response at random and announce the winner with next month’s Articles of Note post. You have until Valentine’s Day (2/14) to respond.

*Readers not in the US, UK or Spain–if I choose you, I will convert that to a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore in your country since doesn’t operate outside the aforementioned countries.

Don’t forget to visit the FHO store where our most recent monograph Forensic Nursing Testimony is now available, along with our other research compilations, which can be bought as a set or individually.

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11 replies on “13th Anniversary Articles of Note (Plus a Giveaway)”

I have started yoga to relieve stress. I did not even realize how MUCH my mind and body was getting tired of the constant pressure of staying safe and healthy- at work, at home, and even at church. This added tremendously to the ‘normal’ stress of daily life.

Taking a good look at boundaries, boarders and beliefs…that’s what I am doing to take care of myself! The complete upturn of the world as we know it has caused me to focus on being a “filled container” so that I can not only give but be aware of what and how much I have to give. It has been a struggle yet a rewarding time of inner knowing. I am coming into a greater place of “me” and acknowledging those things that make me who I am. I have found the off button, the silent mode, the “I’m here but I’m not available” and the complete sentence called “NO”! This has freed me to have my “I am here”, “This is what I can do” and “I’m all ears” be more effective and meaningful!

I have been very consistent and selfish with my fitness time. Twice a week HIIT training and once a week yoga. I have also started to bring running clothes to the office and I’ll sneak in a run midday in place of my lunch time. Of course, if I’m on call these activities are cancelled. But I do my best. Additionally, my goal is to get my dogs outside everyday-even if I come home and it’s dark outside. Here’s a little food for thought: my therapist says (oh yea thats another self-care activity) that bilateral movement: running, walking, hiking, skiing engage both hemispheres of the brain which stimulate the highest level of thinking and problem solving. So to all of you I say, take a hike! 💜 Hang in there!

I have taken up fly fishing again. Even when I am not catching anything, it’s relaxing to be out with nature. Also, like Sameerah Shareef, I have been taking time to evaluate all aspects of life — including my business and personal relationships. I am also training for a long, week long bike ride (Ride Across Kansas or Ride Across Iowa), and am looking forward to getting outside and getting some quality time in on the roads and trails.

Honesty – best policy – I’m not that great at the self care gig, but….I will say I’m currently working from NC sitting sound-side to the Pamlico Sound, enjoying my view and that’s the best self care I can ever imagine. Take care of yourselves friends!

I’m working on practicing self care with my TIME. For me, this includes reclaiming my personal time by not working on the weekends, scheduling time during the week to work out, and taking mental health breaks throughout my work day without guilt.

Jen, you have been such an influence on my life and career!! Self-care for me now looks like this: more days spent with my fabulous granddaughter, playing with Toby our miniature horse and reading!!! When I was working full time, I had to struggle to find time to read as I find it most relaxing. Now it is an everyday activity even if it is only for an hour!!

It’s definitely been difficult- but cuddling with the dog is always a great stress relief <3 luckily she's been allowing it since it's been cold out!

I have returned to intermittent, clean (gluten-free due to allergies, sugar-free, mostly plant based) fasting for health – not focused on weight loss (although that’s good), but improved strength, immunity and loss of arthritis pain. I feel so good when I eat this way!!

Self Care is the one issue that has come to light from the pandemic that is a good thing! I have adopted the goal of 7-8 hours sleep a night since the beginning of Covid. I feel like years of rotating call (which thankfully I have night nurses now) has made deep, restful sleep difficult. I had to make it a priority and a goal. Now, I feel like I can handle stress better and I feel like my skin is healthier.

I’ve been trying not to rush over unpleasant emotions, interactions, memories in a hurry to avoid feeling anything negative. I’m trying to develop more patience and tolerance to sit with these things awhile. I want to find meaning and real change/healing when it’s needed. It has been surprisingly liberating. Reading what other people are doing has really made me smile, so thanks for this question Jennifer.

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