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Articles of Note: February 2023 Edition

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the peer-reviewed literature. Just a reminder, this is not an exhaustive list, only a list of articles that have caught my attention. Yes, I know other articles were published in the last 30 days that don’t appear here. I assure you if I listed everything, this list would be at least three times what it is now. If there is an article you really feel needs to be included, add a comment with the citation. No need to email me with it (you’re welcome to, but I don’t edit these once they’re published). I would love to crowd-source more of this, so happy to have anyone’s additions in the comments.

All links go to PubMed, except where otherwise indicated (unfortunately, there were very few free full-text options this month). Of particular note in this round, Brady, et al., “The Darker the Skin, the Greater the Disparity? Why a Reliance on Visible Injuries Fosters Health, Legal, and Racial Disparities in Domestic Violence Complaints Involving Strangulation”. Its premise is an interesting one I am still chewing on.

Happy reading. See you next month…

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