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Articles of Note: November 2023

Good morning from Germany, where I am sitting in the Frankfurt airport after a very abbreviated trip over here. No worries, I come right back after Thanksgiving, so if I didn’t get my fix of schnitzel on this go-round, there’s more to be had in about 10 days. Regardless, there’s a really good crop of articles to get to this month, so here’s your Articles of Note for November, our regular romp through what’s new in the peer-reviewed literature. As always, links lead to PubMed abstracts unless otherwise noted. I point you toward several strangulation articles in the mix, as those are always among the most frequently requested. And Rakoff & Liu’s interesting piece about what judges think about the current state of forensic science, which is a quick read.

Don’t forget: we are in the last days of sign-up for this year’s virtual gift exchange so if you want to participate, you must register by 17 November. Once we hit the 17th, people are automatically matched so there’s no way to add people later. I hope you’ll join us–it’s a lot of fun every year. And easy.

Happy reading. See you back here next month.

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[Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash]