Sexual Assault

#STD Surveillance

Surveillance data is extremely useful for us; the CDC guidelines are one resource for making decisions about how we treat our patients, but the actual information about what STDs are being seen in our communities, what problems may exists regarding things like antibiotic resistance, and other considerations, are also part of the calculus. For instance, if you have a high rate of syphilis in your community, you may choose to test as a part of your patient care.


Ghosts of Violence

Usually this site highlights online events, since it wold be difficult to publicize every local event for our more than 500 subscribers from all over the world, not to mention other readers who find their way to FHO everyday. That being said, our good friend in Canada (and source of all things Canada here on the site) Sheila Early, sent me this link to a powerful performance by the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada called Ghosts of Violence. I thought it would be worth putting on our main page for all of you arts lovers who may want to pry yourselves away from your computer screens for a tick.