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Updated Clinical Guide: Toluidine Blue Dye

The TB dye guide is one of the original guides on this site and it hasn’t been updated since I posted it first in 2009. So I’ve remedied that–hopefully you’ll find it helpful. Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten any valuable resources. I’m always happy to add them.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Lives of Male Sex Offenders

Over at PreventConnect they published a blog post on a new study out in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment. The article, Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Lives of Male Sex Offenders: Implications for Trauma-Informed Care, and the blog post, are both worth perusing. I’ve also added them to the ACEs Clinical Guide, along with our most recent Full-Text Friday offering and a couple other notable links. We rarely talk about offenders here (it’s not my area of specialty, but if there’s someone who would like to guest post on the topic, I am always happy to have that conversation), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t relevance in understanding the myriad impacts of adverse childhood experiences in the lives of offenders, as well as victims.