Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Genital Dermatologic Conditions in Children

Well, as of this posting I am [hopefully] making my way back to DC. Turns out a fantastic day of training with the Kansas Coalition is offset by multiple cancelled flights, so getting home is somewhat trickier than planned. No matter–these things happen, and there’s great dinner conversation (and wine) to ease the pain of thwarted travel plans. Seeing as this was the last week of the busy spring training calendar, I return home to once again pay more attention to the projects on my calendar. This includes the work on the Tribal Forensic Healthcare project, which has a great peds webinar coming up next month:

Sexual Assault

Project Unbreakable

Several of you sent this over my way, and many more of you posted it on your Facebook pages, and/or tweeted it, so I thought I’d get it up here. Check out Project Unbreakable’s tumblr site here for more info, images and ways to help.