Sexual Assault

Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Webinar

I am pleased to announce AEquitas‘ next webinar, Investigating and Prosecuting Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault. Chris Mallios, one of our Attorney Advisors, will be presenting. The session will take place May 14th from 2-3:30 pm ET, and registration is free.

Program description:

“Alcohol-facilitated sexual assault (AFSA) cases present unique challenges for investigators, prosecutors, and other allied professionals.  This webinar will explore common issues and challenges related to the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases where alcohol is present.  The presenter will discuss societal attitudes about alcohol, basic toxicology, victim credibility, and corroboration between allied professionals.  In addition, this webinar will promote a victim-centered response that incorporates offender-focused strategies for effective investigation and prosecution of AFSA cases.”

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