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Veto Violence

The twittersphere has been awash with Veto Violence posts, so some of you may be familiar with this site already. If you’re not, you should head on over and spend some quality time trolling through the different sections. It’s a source for online violence education tools, but it’s grounded in prevention. Specifically a public health approach, using a social-ecological model.

There is so much here specific to the prevention work that many of you take on in your communities and that we tried to really bring front and center through IAFN’s sexual violence primary prevention project. But it’s more than just sexual violence primary prevention–it’s suicide, intimate partner violence, youth violence and child maltreatment primary prevention, too. A good use of your time, and a great place for inspiration to take on (more) collaborative prevention work. Because, really, I would be happy to see us work ourselves out of the violence responder work.  I could open a bagel shop down the street from my house and find total spiritual fulfillment there.