Sexual Assault

Understanding Sexual Coercion

Vera Institute has a podcast on understanding sexual coercion that’s brief (under 7 minutes), and worth a viewing. I’m particularly interested in the discussion of how we define sexual assault, particularly as it pertains to the legal framework so often used. I think it’s analogous to how we ascribe meaning to the medical-forensic exam, with the legal framework often being the primary framework (and measure of success) people use to define the encounter, and which I personally find both limiting and misleading.

From the site:

In this podcast, psychologist Chitra Raghavan explains the concepts of “coercive sex” and “sexual assault” as they apply to people who know one another.

Chitra Raghavan, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

(Hat tip: NSVRC)