Sexual Assault

Victim Notification In An Audit of Unprocessed Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Kits

On December 17th at 1pm ET, the DNA Resource Center is hosting a webinar, Victim Notification in an Audit of Unprocessed Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Collection Kits: Lessons Learned from the Michigan 400 Project. From the site:

The 400 Project was an OVW-funded project initiated by the Michigan Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Treatment Board in early 2010 to determine the scope of work, cost, and likely outcome of forensic analysis of more than 10,000 unresolved sexual assault forensic evidence kits found in the City of Detroit Police Department Crime Lab. 

In this webinar, members of the collaborative 400 Project team will present on the process of initial victim notification as the 400 kits randomly selected for the project were analyzed by the forensic laboratories.

Participants in this webinar will learn about challenges presented in identifying, locating, and notifying victims in cold cases; possible options for initial contact and notification, and the range of responses to anticipate from victims upon notification.

Participants will also be provided information on the importance of collaboration among prosecutors, investigators, SANE programs and victim advocates in addressing unprocessed or backlogged SAFE kits.