Get Ready for Journal Club!

Mark your calendar: the inaugural Forensic Journal Club is coming up 12 February. Find all the information you need to participate here.

This is a busy week for me–aside from significant writing and teaching, I am also prepping for a trip to Sydney, Australia next Monday. It’s a fantastic honor to be the keynote for the Australian National Forensic Nursing Conference, and I very much hope I will get meet some of FHO’s Australian readers (of which there are many, so thank you all for that!). On top of all of that, tomorrow (Tuesday) kicks off our very first Twitter journal club (#ForensicJC). Don’t forget to check out the dedicated page for everything you need to know about our virtual session.

A couple readers have asked about other healthcare disciplines using this same format for journal club, and I am pleased to tell you that several have done so successfully. You can check out some of those journal clubs, including archives of previous discussions and approaches to discussing scientific articles, 140 characters at a time:

Twitter Journal Club (internal medicine) (#TwitJC)

Public Health Twitter Journal Club (#PHTwitJC)

Clinical Psychology Journal Club (#CPJC)

EBN Twitter Journal Club (Evidence-Based Nursing) (#ebnjc)

BJOG Journal Club (OB/GYN) (#ktjc)