10 Things: FHO 2013 Gift Guide

Time for this year’s gift guide–some ideas for what to get that special colleague or team member. This year we are going for personality-type rather than the usual generic list. In case you missed them, you can find previous years’ gift guides here, here, here, and here.

1.) For your colleague who is trying to be just a little bit healthier in the new year by avoiding the carb-fest that is the hospital cafeteria, or worse, the vending machines in the ED waiting room:












A+R Store Lunch Pot $22 

{Because food from home tastes better. Plus you look like the coolest kid in the class with this get-up. Also good for the new grad now facing a mountain of student loans, because eating out every day takes bank.}

2.) For your colleague, the road warrior:












Flight 001 Go Clean Set $52 

{Look, I have been known to use the hotel laundry bags as my own, and I have had plenty of occasion to wrap my shoes in Target bags to keep my clothes clean, but these are heavy duty, reusable and big enough to get their respective jobs done. Trust me, they’ll be appreciated.}

3.) For your colleague with the big ideas:












Oliveandthevolcano Do the Work Letterpress Notebook $9.26

{All great ideas germinate on the pages of great notebooks–at least mine do. This one is small enough to tuck into a little bag or lab coat pocket. And really, the cover says it all…}

4.) For your colleague who is trying to put him/herself out there:








 Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott $1.99

{The best book on writing there is–I quote it at my partner and my kid all the time when either gets overwhelmed, and it is quoted back to me in turn. If you have a colleague trying to write–scientific articles, thesis, next great American novel–this is a fabulous gift. Almost 20 years old, it still rings true today.}

Or this:







 Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun $13.71

{Not the first time I’ve recommended this book, but it’s still on the top of my list of books to give people who want to improve their capacity as presenters. I give it as a gift to a lot of folks. Perfect for that colleague that is new to the presenting/teaching/speaking arena.}

5.) For your colleague who will work anywhere:








 3M Privacy Filter (assorted sizes starting at $17.08)

{Have you seen what we do for a living? The images that accompany our work, not to mention the actual words that can be found in journal articles and other written materials are irresistible to the person sitting next to you at Starbucks. It’s the reason I don’t work on planes. But I could if I wanted to with one of these.}

6.) For your colleague who’s taking all the extra shifts over the holidays:








Thistle Farms Body Balm $12

{With as much time as we spend washing our hands, particularly when it’s cold and flu season, it’s a wonder they don’t just crack open and fall off. This will help, plus Thistle Farms does great work, assisting women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction. Spend money and do good in the world, all at once.}

Also this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.24.46 AM








Humane Society Coffee Club $12.95/month

{Let’s be honest here–no one’s getting any sleep this holiday season. Might as well treat folks to something better than what’s being brewed in the break room. For real. Particularly good for the colleague who you suspect hearts animals more than people some days, because Humane Society is the [other] beneficiary here.}

7.) For your colleagues who are working Christmas Eve (see also, New Year’s Eve):










Baked Brownies 6-pack $23

{Worth the hike out to Red Hook if you find yourself in NYC, this is one of my very favorite bakeries. We cook from their cookbooks at home, but there’s nothing better than having them do it for you. Plus, choose from 3 different flavors, all of which I would happily lock myself in the bathroom between patients and devour. Good for the folks hanging out in the hospital, but even better for wrapping up and sending off with the cops/EMS/fire fighters bringing you patients–or the advocate who came in to be with your patient even though she’s been answering the crisis line for the last 36 hours straight.}

8.) For your colleague who can accessorize the hell out of some scrubs:








MarinaKessler Snowflake Stud Earrings $54

{Nothing clever to say about these–I just like them.}

9.) For your colleague, the science nerd:





 3B Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set $67.25

{Come on, anything would be way cooler mixed in a beaker. But if this is a bit too pricey, consider a set of these, instead:}












Think Geek Laboratory Shot Glasses $14.99

10.) For your colleague who must always be connected:









Eton Boost Turbine 4000 $79.99

{A battery pack with a crank power back-up, it’ll power up your smart phone a couple times and/or tablet. Sure it’s a bit spendy, but what price connectivity? I’m kidding. No, I’m not. I want one.}

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