Digital Girls

Apologies for the absence yesterday–I am battling a migraine that is getting the best of me and it was just not a good day. But I am trying to muscle through it (as I post from ORD on my way to MCI), and this webinar is worthy of notice. SAMHSA has been hosting a Girls Matter webinar series and the next offering in the series is one called Digital Girls: Confession, Connection and Disconnection.It will be held May 20th from 3-4:30 pm ET.  Rachel Simmons is one of the featured speakers (perhaps you’ve read Odd Girl Out?). It should be a good session, particularly for those of you who work with adolescents frequently. Details after the jump:

From the site:

Remember when teen girls put private thoughts in their diaries or on notes, showing them to only their closest friends? Today, girls communicate dreams, thoughts, and impulses with texting, posting videos, blogging, chatting, and sharing, photos, photos, and more photos. Social media is part of the worldview and way of life of adolescent girls. It offers information, opportunity for connection, and support in both unhealthy and healthy behaviors. After completing this webinar, participants will have an understanding of how the digital world influences girls’ identities, relationships, mental health, and wellness; what providers and supporters should know about the digital world of girls; and how professionals can use technology to reach, engage with, and support girls in achieving recovery and resiliency.

Participants will be able to summarize:

  • What it means to be a “digital native” and how this affects girls’ worldviews
  • How social media is changing the ways girls connect and relate
  • Risky and unhealthy technological behaviors
  • Technological advances in behavioral health and recovery supports