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Since Last We Spoke 7-14-14

This weekend was all about the big promotion, with family descending upon DC and filling every corner of our tiny dollhouse of a home. But it was pretty spectacular, and now almost everyone has gone home, and life should return to normal. Normal, of course, includes travel, so I’ll head to the Air Force JAG school later in the week for a tick. Still, there was plenty of time to read, and as always, it appears sexual violence is dominating the headlines (including this massive and painfully familiar sounding article that appeared on the front page of the NY Times). Here’s what has caught my eye since last we spoke:

Sad, but not surprising

Yeah, this isn’t either

Not sure how I feel about this

Refugees, not immigrants

…and interviews with them

Someone else’s 10 Things list

You can’t partner with families if you’re locking them out of the hospital

Interesting use of forensic science

Reports, yes, but occurrences?