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Coalition-Sponsored Webinars

If you aren’t looking to your state anti-violence coalitions for continuing education, you’re missing some great opportunities. State coalitions do a lot of training, and many are putting on webinars and online courses that have relevance far beyond their state’s borders. Click through for some of the upcoming events, and feel free to add others in the comments (I’ll take those outside the US, too, please):


The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence has 2 great ones coming up: Mandated Reporting (7/23) and Neurobiology of Trauma (with Dr. Rebecca Campbell, 9/10).


The Texas Council on Family Violence is hosting Legal Options for Victims of Family Violence (7/17); Economic Options for Victims of Family Violence (7/31) and Sensitivity to Cultural Diversity


The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a whole e-learning center you can check out; so does the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (also, you can check out their archived webinars here).


What Advocates Need to Know About the Rape Kit Backlog is CCASA’s next webinar (7/31)


The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is hosting The Effects of Children’s Early Exposure to Domestic Violence and Making Connections to Care (7/17)

{Don’t forget also about some of the coalition national projects that do a lot of online education, including PreventConnect, NSVRC and the Sexual Violence Justice Institute}