DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 8-18-14

Thank you to everyone who left me comments and sent emails with well wishes. I definitely took advantage of the time off and spent some quality time with my family. But it’s a new week, so convalescent time is over and back to work I go. I’m headed to the NAC one more time later in the week; until then much of my time will be spent refining a new curriculum (speaking of which: we still have room in this course for anyone interested–more info here). Before I get to my list of what’s caught my eye since last we spoke, a reminder that the National Sexual Assault Conference is happening this week in Pittsburgh. If you can’t be there (like me), follow along at #NSAC2014.

You should be following #Ferguson for the best information. However, if you want specific articles, try this one (so good).

In that vein, I thought this piece really nailed it.


Some encouraging news on FGM (but not enough)

Where are the nurses?

A reminder that IPV knows no boundaries (can we talk about use of the word “slugged” in a news article, though?)

Do you know how to win an argument?

Why had I not said anything to stand up for myself?

Hey, NFL

The impact of decriminalizing sex work on public health

What a great conversation for us to have.

I don’t know” makes a powerful statement

Debate: children and digital privacy

Ah, victim-blaming

Should research fraud be a crime?