Worthwhile Read: Modeling Trauma Informed Practice

My friend Sally tweeted this resource out and I thought it was worth sharing here. It’s a brief piece called Walking the Walk: Modeling Trauma Informed Practice In the Training Environment (PDF). I’m still chewing on this a bit, but I think there are great ideas here. And the intent behind it is an important one:

One of the key components of building organizational capacity for trauma informed practice is professional development. Staff needs training to gain basic understanding about trauma, its prevalence and impact on individuals, families, communities and organizations; what it means to be trauma informed; and specific skills and techniques for providing services in a trauma informed manner. It is not enough, however, to just “inform” professionals about trauma in our efforts to establish a trauma informed workforce. It is essential that in the process of providing professional development and workforce training we imbed and model principles of trauma informed practice in the training environment.