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Since Last We Spoke 9-22-14

I am actually home for the next 2 weeks, which is pretty clutch at this point because, projects. And more importantly, deadlines. So my short jaunt to Korea is off the books and I am happily working away here in DC. A true luxury because I am entertaining for Rosh Hashanah this week and can actually attend Kol Nidre services next week. This will be the first year in who knows how long that I will be home to celebrate the High Holidays in full. But I am getting ahead of myself–let’s talk about what’s caught my eye since last we spoke, because seriously, there was quite a bit to read this weekend:

Forgiveness was freedom. I simply had to let go of my past so that I could step into my future.

Gender equality is not a “women’s issue”

So. Good. (Applies nicely to airline travel, as well)

All of this (but especially the 1st one from Tina Fey, because that makes me insane)

I’d like to believe that the NFL is serious

…that they’re partnering with NSVRC is reassuring, at least

I’d love to hear what my ED colleagues have to say about this

How many of these stories have I posted here?

A public speaking infographic just for you (in anticipation of our session next month!)

Made me giggle