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Since Last We Spoke 9-22-14

I am actually home for the next 2 weeks, which is pretty clutch at this point because, projects. And more importantly, deadlines. So my short jaunt to Korea is off the books and I am happily working away here in DC. A true luxury because I am entertaining for Rosh Hashanah this week and can actually attend Kol Nidre services next week. This will be the first year in who knows how long that I will be home to celebrate the High Holidays in full. But I am getting ahead of myself–let’s talk about what’s caught my eye since last we spoke, because seriously, there was quite a bit to read this weekend:

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Jimmy Carter’s Call to Action

First day back in the office, so I’ll be running around madly. But if you have some down time, I highly recommend checking out this NPR interview with former president Jimmy Carter on his call to action against the subjugation of women. I’m listening now, as I gear up for my day. (H/t JPW).