Happy Birthday FHO! (We’re 9!)


Well, we are celebrating 9 years here at FHO. Not too shabby for a nerdy little site that began as a place for me to refer folks for a few resources here and there. In 2017 we were visited by 63 different countries, with tens of thousand of users. In order of popularity, the 10 posts most visited this past year were:

1.) Creating a Fee Schedule for Expert Consultation and Testimony
2.) Clinical Guide: Court Testimony
3.) Patient-Clinician Communication: Basic Principles and Expectations (this was a surprise, since it’s pretty old)
4.) Injury Following Consensual Sex (our 1st product in the FHO store)
5.) How Trauma Lodges in the Body
6.) Clinical Guide: Toluidine Blue Dye
7.) 10 Things: Social Media Use for Forensic Clinicians
8.) Clinical Guide: Determining the Age of Bruises
9.) National Best Practices for Sexual Assault Kits: A Multidisciplinary Approach
10.) Certificate vs Certification

Not too many surprises on that list, but a very different list from 2016, for sure. I’m so glad you continue to visit FHO, and I cannot wait to introduce some of the new content coming in 2018. Keep coming back as the store grows and a few features are added to the site. Glad so many of you have chosen to subscribe; if you haven’t yet, please consider signing up. It makes it simpler to get fresh content delivered to your mailbox 4(ish) times a week.

Thanks for reading FHO! Here’s to another great year…

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Happy Birthday!! Thank you for the vision you had, Jen to bring this to fruition. Great things ahead for the coming years- I only see growth on the horizon for your site!

We are all better practitioners because of the info and resources you provide for us. You have developed an invaluable resource. Thank you so much!!!

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