Intimate Partner Violence Among Transgender Youth

It’s rare that I post a single research article, but when the subject is one that rarely appears in the literature, it’s worth highlighting. So it is with this one, Intimate Partner Violence Among Transgender Youth: Associations with Intrapersonal and Structural Factors. It’s currently available free, full-text online ahead of print, so I would encourage you to download it now while it’s as accessible as it is (for those of you without library access to this particular journal). From the abstract:

Structural results found that TGNC youth experiencing extreme victimization, a history of incarceration, and participation in sex work were much more likely to report IPV. The only intrapersonal variable that was associated with IPV was depressive symptomatology; however, this relationship was strong, with participants being nearly eight times more likely to report IPV if they experienced symptoms of depression. Gaining a better understanding of the complexity of both structural and intrapersonal factors among TGNC youth will greatly inform the development of IPV prevention and services for TGNC youth experiencing this type of violence. 

View the full table of contents and abstracts from the current issue of Violence and Gender.


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