Since Last We Spoke, March for Our Lives Edition

Saturday was the remarkable March for Our Lives, and I am so grateful I could be a part of it. My daughter (plus a bestie), her dad, and his wife all came into town to participate. Truly, it was an epic day. We were down there early enough to be relatively close to the main stage, and the energy of the event was indescribable. From the first notes of Andra Day’s Rise Up, which kicked off the event, to the inspiring speeches by young people from around the country, I have never been prouder to be part of a crowd of 800,000 people (actually I’ve never been part of a crowd of 800,000 people, so). So today’s post is everything I saw and read since last we spoke (warning–there’s some redundancy amongst the links):

The editorial staff of MSD took over the Guardian; here’s their manifesto for change

Trauma and anxiety in the aftermath of gun violence (actually, it’s worth checking out all of Teen Vogue, because they are making it happen right now)

The loudest silence in the history of protest

The most powerful moments of the march

The 6 most powerful speeches of the March

Possibly the most punk rock moment of the event (I will never pretend away my nerves before speaking again)

From our local community newspaper: Naomi Wadler, remember that name.

Rick Santorum got dragged by ED and trauma clinicians on Twitter after his unhelpful advice for students

My daughter and her friend, Dylan:













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